Pete Yorn 4/16 at 12pm

You Can Now Take a Course In ‘Adulting’ At UC Berkeley

You’ve just completed your BA in advanced microbiology with a minor in theater. Congrats.

On the way to graduation, you get a flat tire. Oh no! You never took a class on how to handle this situation! AND you need to do your taxes at the same time? AND you need to call and schedule a doctor appointment without your mom’s help?? You’re out of luck.

Fortunately, there’s now a class you can take at UC Berkeley which addresses “adulting” topics like how to change your oil, how to build a perfect resume and more.

The class is run by 20-year-old Belle Lau and a friend who wanted to guide college students in preparing for the real world.

With the help of guest speakers and experts in accounting, recruiting, and psychology, this class touches on situations many students may find themselves stuck in at times.

Happy adulting!


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