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half•alive talks about the origin of their dance-centric music career

Half•alive famous for their hit still feel. and their accompanying dance moves sat down with Arthur at Outside Lands to talk about how choreography became such a big part of their image.

The band, originally formed in Long Beach California, has incorporated dancing into their music from the beginning. Singer Josh Tyler met bassist J Tyler Johnson through his brother Jordan who was attending the University of Southern California for dance.

“It goes back to how originally Josh met J through J’s brother Jordan,” drummer Brett Kramer said. “We started working with him first in our Awake At Night music video and then around that time [Jordan] formed the JA collective. So for the next video we decided to double down, triple down on choreo with JA.”

“And so slowly this kind of collaboration between half•alive and JA collective has become full formed and now they’re pretty involved in pretty much every aspect of creative vision we come up with.”

The band was even kind enough to teach Arthur some of their sweet moves.

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