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Experience The First Festival To Sell Cannabis: Grass Lands at Outside Lands 2019

A festival first.

This year, San Francisco’s Outside Lands music festival made history by becoming the first-ever festival to legally sell cannabis on the grounds.

Grass Lands, as it was appropriately dubbed, was a sectioned-off area of the festival that was a dream for cannabis amateurs and aficionados alike. The area featured local and out-of-town vendors, consumption areas, food trucks, a flower crown making station, and more. Vendors were wowing festival-goers with extravagant booths, augmented reality, and even a DJ that was using speakers to create hash with sound waves.

The area cultivated a vibe that was calm, fun, and welcoming – a nice place to escape for a couple hours.

In it’s sophomore appearance Grass Lands not only touted many opportunities to purchase but also to consume. “Consumption areas” where dotted around and monitored. Safety is always a big concern at any event or festival, and it made sure to staff the area with security guards and also featured an ID check before entering.

We talked to some “budtenders” and patrons alike about their experiences with Grass Lands and the feedback was overwhelmingly positive. Some industry representatives even stated that this event had the potential to revolutionize the industry.

Though recreational cannabis has been legal in the state of California since late 2016, the industry is still just getting it’s legs in a post-legal world. A big first step for the budding cannabis industry is accessibility and distribution. Companies like Eaze, who was also at Grass Lands, have paved the way for marijuana on demand, making the purchasing of cannabis a simple click away. Grass Lands is another step in a pot-friendly world as it brings cannabis consumption into the public eye and onto the main stage.

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