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Twenty One Pilots break down keys their success, Tyler gives Josh’s fiancé some advice

SAN FRANCISCO – From billions of streams, to headlining Outside Lands, Twenty One Pilots is on top of the world right now.

Tyler Jospeh and Josh Dun are at the core of this electric duo and sat down with us to discuss the many facets of their success. The band while successful asserts there is more to be done, more music that has yet to be written rattling around in their brains.

The band is meticulous in their craft as they treat their shows with a seriousness and sincerity that is reminiscent of professional athletes.

“It’s kind of an athletic thing to watch game tape. You set up a GroPro in the back and you sit down together and you be critical of it. Everything is on the table to critic, to call out.”

The band is very hands on and is proud to be their own stage director and fully take the reins on everything from setlist construction to lighting cues.

“We’ve done every aspect of our show and we don’t want to give it up now. For any artists trying to make something better, don’t stop trying to get that transition better,” Joseph implored.

Though not all days are good days and Joseph adits that Dun can pull him out of negativity and that their friendship is a pillar of their success as the life of a musician can be an isolated and lonely one.

Their friendship also allowed Tyler the opportunity, when asked, to give advice to Dun’s new fiancé Debby, Ryan.

“If He Wants To Be Alone that doesn’t mean he doesn’t like you. It’s because it’s the way he’s programmed and he gets rejuvenated by the just being alone and it’s nothing on you,” Jospeh said.

He was also quick to add that he will insist on air drying after a shower, and that fart jokes will become funnier to him as he gets older. Sound advice Tyler.

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