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The Lumineers open up about intense story behind their new single ‘Gloria’

SAN FRANCISCO – Drug and alcohol addiction are tough subjects to talk about, but it’s getting a little easier with the help of The Lumineers.

In September the band is scheduled do release their third studio album, aptly titled III. One of the singles the band has released, Gloria, is about the stress that addiction can put on the families.

Our own Dayna Keyes has been extremely open and vulnerable about her battle with drug and alcohol addiction, and now hosts a podcast called ‘We Got Issues’ to help those on the path to sobriety. She got the opportunity to interview Wesley (lead vocals, guitar) and Jeremiah (drums) from The Lumineers and asked them about the story behind Gloria.

“Bad things can be like good things,” Wesley told Dayna. “You can fall in love, you think you’re the only one. You get your heart broken, you think you’re the first person ever to get your heart broken.

“You’re an addict, you think you’re the only addict.”

III the album is set to be released in the United States on September 13.

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