Pete Yorn 4/16 at 12pm

Have You Been Singing These Blink-182 Lyrics Wrong This Whole Time?


What’s the lyrics again?

There’s a definite chance you’ve been singing the lyrics to “What’s My Age Again?” wrong your whole life. Over the weekend, Mark Hoppus sent out a tweet that confused and stunned fans. He made reference to the opening lines of the song, tweeting:



Fans were quick to call him out, asking how in the world could he forget his own lyrics? It’s “I walk alone to get the feeling right,” right?? Wrong. Here’s proof:



If you’ve been singing it correctly this entire time, I applaud you! I personally have been misquoting one of my favorite Blink songs ever since I heard it on the radio and never thought to look up the lyrics. If you’re like me, just know you’re not alone.




Well, now we know. Thank you for clarifying, Mark. I’m probably still going to sing it the other way though.

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