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Rome accidentally tells No Name release date of next Sublime with Rome album

SAN FRANCISCO – Bay Area native Rome Ramirez, frontman for Sublime with Rome, took some time for an interview with our very own afternoon DJ No Name at this year’s Concert for Kids.

Rome regularly streams himself playing video games on Twitch, so instead of a regular interview we wanted to test out Rome’s Call of Duty skills. We pitted him against No Name, who has never played a game of COD in his life.

It went about as you’d expect.

Rome must have felt at home with a controller in his hands, because during the interview he let slip a pretty big bit of Sublime with Rome news.

“New record – what can you tell us about it man?” No Name asked.

“Umm, it’s coming out June 7,” Rome said.

“That’s huge!” No name said. “That’s an exclusive! June 7, Sublime with Rome. New record.”

We don’t knnow anything else about the upcoming album, but if the date Rome gave No Name is true we’re less than six months away from new Sublime with Rome music. The album would be the group’s third album with Rome at the helm and the first since they released Sirens in 2015.

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