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Watch: Rivers Cuomo releases quirky video and solo song

Weezer frontman Rivers Cuomo is coming off a big year, and he’s bookending it with a surprise solo song and video release.

“Two Broken Hearts” is the story of the people who leave and are left. It’s like dive into River’s Twitter feed, with a chorus about healing with Häagen-Dazs and HBO. Lyrics “give me your hand, we can be each other’s//chocolate or alcohol” and “You bring Ben & Jerry’s, I got Cinemax//Laughing through our tears (hahaha)//we rub each other’s backs” should give you the picture. The video features the Elon Musk smoking interview incident, personal footage, cats, and stars two bitmoji characters.

“Standing on stage and being cheered on by thousands upon thousands of people is the best feeling in the whole world,” Cuomo wrote of the song and video on YouTube. “I cry from happiness…literally. Song available now in a Kmart near you” (it’s currently just available on iTunes).

Weezer has been teasing The Black Album for release early next year. Check out their KFOG Studio Session here.

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