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Rome Ramirez talks joining Sublime, the band’s evolution, and what he misses about The Bay

The first time I met Rome, he was crashing my morning interview with the Dirty Heads. At seven in the morning, the tequila was already flowing. Now, he’s the lead singer of his favorite band Sublime. They’re even headlining our UCSF Benioff and Toys for Tots benefit show Concert for Kids this week. We catch up as dads and talk holidays, tattoos, and the creative projects that still keep us going. Check it out below and get tickets to see Sublime with Rome this Thursday at Concert for Kids right here.

No Name: Are you in The Bay?

Rome Ramirez: No, I’m in LA. I just got home. Left Sac Town. (I’m not in The Bay) as much as I’d like to be. Only when I see my folks.

NN: The first time I met you, you were crashing my morning show with the Dirty Heads.

RR: I was just with Dutty this weekend and we were just talking about those days. We were just like…now that we’re grown adults with kids and shit…can you believe that we would just roll into radio stations, like, “maybe we’ll show up today, maybe we won’t.” What the hell were we thinking? Looking back…we are the luckiest guys in the world because of our job. All of our friends are in the same position (kids, married), but not everyone loves what they do.

NN: It’s weird to rewind. You grew up in the Bay a massive fan of Sublime. A decade later, here you are.

RR: Growing up in the Bay, that’s all it was: listening to Sublime and whatever was on the radio at the time. Fast forward a couple years later, (I’m) joining the band and traveling around the world and meeting my wife due to music and having a kid. Life is a trip.

Rome Ramirez

NN: You went all in. You were living in a van outside a practice space. You were basically like “I’m going to do this until it happens.”

RR: I feel like that’s how you have to be with everything really. I’ve never known any other way. I’m super passionate. Anybody who knows me will say the same thing. Probably to a fault. Anything is possible to me. I never understood the (idea) that something could get in between you and something you wanted to achieve, whether it be school or buying a car or joining a band.

I’ll be honest with you, though, I never imagined I would be in Sublime. I knew that I would be here today talking to you about music, and I knew I would be in the position I am today more or less. Never in a billion years did I think I would have done it with my favorite band.

NN: Is everyone always asking about the new record?

RR: At this point, everyone close to me has heard the new record. Honestly, I loved to come up there and crack some beers and play the record for you guys and see what you think. It’s the third (album)…we’re a well-oiled machine. We have this new sound and camaraderie. I think having a kid mellows me out. I’m not so concerned with running around and partying.

Listen to the full interview below.

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