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First Aid Kit on the best gift they’ve ever gotten (hint: it came from Jack White)

For those who understand firsthand the complex, sometimes complicated, and often comical relationship dynamic between sisters, you’ll recognize yourselves in Klara and Johanna Soderberg. On stage, they become Swedish folk-pop duo First Aid Kit, whose successful freshman album at a young age led them on a path in music they couldn’t possibly have planned, including recently playing “Emmylou,” a ballad about famous singing collaborations that may have been too bright to last, in front of the song’s namesake Emmylou Harris.

Offstage, Klara (25) and Johanna (27) resemble two young women acting their age: they get over heartbreak, follow their passions, talk over each other or finish each other’s sentences, and follow up comments like “you strangled me once” with “I think we are closer than ever,” as sisters do.

No Name: Growing up, did you guys get along?

Klara Soderberg: I think Johanna bossed me around a lot.

Johanna Soderberg: Yeah. I tied her shoes for her a lot. I threw you into a ditch…

KS:…of stinging nettles! We were always friends, but I think we are closer than ever. What? It’s true!

NN: You guys are playing The Fox in Oakland tonight with Van William. You guys were telling me he’s your BFF.

KS: Oh, yeah. We love him. We met on tour with his band Port O’Brien in 2009.

JS: We opened for him. It was our first tour ever.

KS: One of our first tours.

JS: It was like our first real tour.

KS: Oh, right, maybe it was.

JS: We didn’t get along that well back then. (KS: We were just kids.) And then we saw him again in LA two years ago and…

KS: …had this instant connection.

JS: And now we’re singing on (The Revolution EP) and touring with him and it’s such a treat! This song (“Revolution”) is just incredible. It’s so catchy.

KS: I remember hearing it (for the first time). We were both driving in LA, and we were both like oh my god…this song is so good.

Johanna and Klara go on to talk a Karen O shoutout, getting the call to record with Jack White, and falling in love…with a guitar. Catch the full interview above.

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