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Dispatch calls for gun control reform with new song “Dear Congress, (17)”

Brad and Chad of Dispatch stopped by the studio a few months ago to talk music, nature, and mosh pits. They also played a song with working title “Thoughts and Prayers/Not Enough” that they were in the process of writing, a heart-wrenching response to gun violence at large and the issue of gun control in America.

In February Dispatch released officially titled “Dear Congress, (17)” in the wake today of the tragic events in Parkland, Florida. Written from the perspective of someone who’s lost a loved one to gun violence, Dispatch shared in a statement on Facebook:

Dear Congress is the personal side of observing Washington throw empty condolences to grieving families while accepting NRA Campaign money. How is it possible our “elected” protect the gun lobby more than the human lives they represent? How many more people have to die? How many more kids’ lives have to be erased before we pay attention and make simple common sense changes to how we buy and use guns in our country?

The band plans to donate all proceeds from the single to the Brady Campaign, a non-profit that works to reduce gun violence in America. You can purchase the song to donate here.


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