Pete Yorn 4/16 at 12pm

No Name’s Record Room: Delphi Freeman

For 18-year-old San Francisco-based Delphi Freeman, music came as naturally as breathing: there’s no thinking involved. With 100+ songs already inked, Delphi already has a distinct sound, furthering the work of 90s singer-songwriters like Lisa Loeb, Alanis Morisette, and Jewel (though the latter two she didn’t discover until she was told of their vocal resemblance).

She plays her own “Infinity,” “Who Am I?,” and “Elijah” inside the Record Room with her brothers James (bass) and Luke (percussion/vocals). Music runs deep in their family – Delphi’s mother recorded an album of her own original music when she was pregnant with her.

You can catch her full album Audio Cinema, featuring help from drummer Donny Baldwin and pianist Christ Smith of Jefferson Starship, here. Delphi can be found playing weekly at Ghirardelli Square.

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