Pete Yorn 4/16 at 12pm

No Name’s Record Room: Dot Vom

Dot Vom plays 90s shoegaze love songs you’re going to want to add to your break-up playlist. They’re self-described dreamy but gross – with an element of groady that fits with their aesthetic. Like the name, for example. Lead singer, vox, and omni/vomnichord player Dany (who, when called out for wearing a PT Cruiser bomber jacket, remarks “my sponsorship”) says it’s “Dot Vom, as in, Dot Bleh.” No Name asks if that’s a swipe at the tech industry. Dany maintains it’s more simple than that: “It’s just a stupid name.” It beat out “F***ed by the Future.”

When Dany isn’t booking shows, playing them, or practicing, she’ll try to get some sleep. But that’s her last priority. The rest of her time is spent with the other five, who live across the Richmond, the Sunset, and Noe Valley: Kati (bass/back-up vox), Shahan (drums), Beau (guitar), and Zach (guitar).

Lucky for us, Dot Vom plays local often. Follow them on Facebook, YouTube, Soundcloud, and Instagram. No, really, they’re funny.

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