Pete Yorn 4/16 at 12pm

Why Ruby Rose was attacked for donating to Houston’s LGBTQ community

Ruby Rose, who you may know from Orange Is The New Black or from Resident Evil, is in the news this week for something very bizarre.  She’s actually being attacked on social media for giving money to those affected by Hurricane Harvey. NOT KIDDING!

It all started when Jack Antonoff of Bleachers and Fun. tweeted about giving $10,000 to the Montrose Center, which serves the LGBTQ community in Houston, to go towards hurricane relief.  Well, Ruby decided to re-tweet him and say she’ll be doing the same.  You’d think people would commend this behavior.  Nope.  Instead she’s now dealing with vile people calling her a disgusting human being for only supporting certain people.

Here’s what I’ve learned.  People are crazy.  No really….people on the internet that behave this way have issues that need to be dealt with, and this has little to nothing to do with Ruby Rose.  First off, she can give her money to anybody she wants to.  Secondly, helping any group of people in Houston with $10 grand is HUGE. Lastly, do we really believe that the Montrose Center isn’t going to help straight people? Not for one second.

Ruby tweeted “I don’t agree with the wording and personal attacks but I do understand those unaware of what an LGBT center represents and how it works.” She also went on to clarify in a different post that the LGBTQ center does not discriminate against those outside the LGBTQ community in crisis.  Pretty sad that she had to explain this; but I’m glad she did.  The. More. You. Know.


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