‘Turn It Around: The Story of East Bay Punk’ director Corbett Redford talks with No Name

Directed by Corbett Redford and produced by Green Day, Turn it Around: The Story of East Bay Punk is a hyper-local look at the influential punk Bay Area punk scene that gave rise to some of the best-known bands in punk history.

Narrated by the Godfather of Punk himself, Iggy Pop, this two-and-a-half hour rock doc covers the past 30 years of music centered in large part at Berkeley’s iconic underground punk hub: the all-ages, no-alcohol 924 Gilman Street.

No Name talks with Turn it Around director Corbett Redford, who performed and volunteered at Gilman during Green Day’s rise to stardom in the mid-’90s. Friends ever since, Billie Joe Armstrong reached out to Redford in 2013 wondering where he could find someone to direct a documentary about the band’s early years and influences. Redford, having been there, felt right for the job.

“This is kinda a love letter to our region, and to the punk scene,” the first time director says of the film. Metallica’s Kirk Hammett, the Dead Kennedys’ Jello Biafra and East Bay Ray, along with Rancid’s Tim Armstrong, Matt Freeman, and Lars Frederiksen are among those who lend their perspectives and stories.

Along with curated clips from over 500 hours of footage plus original animation (at one point Redford had to cut the film from 5 hours to less than 2), the film catalogs the global punk movement at a micro-level – documenting what it meant specifically for bands and fans entrenched in the movement at that time. Somehow, everything from Homocore to Riot Grrl bands, from Blatz to Neurosis, is touched upon in the 158-minute film.

No Name says Turn it Around is “a sociological profile of punk rock in this area…it makes you feel proud to be from the Bay Area. There’s some cool sh** going on…(and it’s) the most surreal movie for a guy like me.”

Check out No Name’s interview with Corbett Redford below. For information on local Turn it Around screenings, check out EastBayPunk.com.

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