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Chris Martin invites crowd surfing Dublin fan in wheelchair onstage

Chris Martin made one lucky Coldplay fan’s night by pulling him up onstage to play with the band at their concert in Dublin this weekend. During their set at Croke Park Stadium, Martin noticed a fan in a wheelchair

During their set at Croke Park Stadium, Martin noticed a fan in a wheelchair crowd surfing and asked the man to join him on the stage.

The fan, a 29-year-old Dublin resident named Rob, recounted how he ended up crowd surfing in the first place: “A lad accidentally fell on me and was extremely apologetic. He and his friends insisted on lifting me and getting me a better view.”

The unique sight caught the eye of none other than the Coldplay lead singer, who loved the display so much that he lifted Rob’s wheelchair onto the stage for a few songs.

Once Rob joined him, Martin started to improvise a song about Dublin. Then, Rob delighted the crowd of 83,000 fans by whipping out a harmonica and impressing Martin with his own musical skills. The heartwarming moment was the highlight of the night for Rob, Chris Martin, and the entire Dublin crowd.

Rob later captured his gratitude in a heartfelt statement:

In a time where we’re seeing the horrors of London, Manchester, and Paris, I hope this shows that if you get yourself out there, you never know what’s going to happen. I would like to thank Chris for an amazing experience.

It seems that Chris Martin knew Coldplay’s Dublin show was destined to be special from the beginning: Martin expressed his excitement to be back in Dublin several times throughout the night, even welcoming the crowd to the show by saying “Cead mile failte,” which translates to “a hundred thousand welcomes” in Gaelic.

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Chris Martin and Coldplay have often been praised for going above and beyond for their fans, and their Dublin stop was no exception.

Just before Rob’s appearance onstage, Martin dedicated a song during the Croke Park set to a deceased fan who was supposed to be in attendance, to the delight of her loved ones.

A few days after Coldplay’s performance, Martin went to a Dublin bar and met an employee, who told him that he had paid €200 for his ticket to the show. Martin was astounded that the man had paid that much just to see them, and insisted upon giving him €50!

Coldplay will continue their European shows until August when they head to North America to continue the Head Full of Dreams tour. They are scheduled to play San Francisco’s Levi’s Stadium on October 4th, and you can see their full tour schedule here!

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