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Thirty Seconds to Mars creating “A Day in the Life of America” video project

Thirty Seconds to Mars will use fan submitted footage from the 4th of July to create a video project called, “A Day in the Life of America.”

The purpose for the video project is meant to give fans a glimpse into the lives of other Americans celebrating on the holiday in their own unique way. The band also hired film crews to capture footage in all 50 states to gather different perspectives from each region. Fans were able to submit their footage to the project’s website up until midnight on July 4.

Frontman Jared Leto talked about the band’s ideas in a trailer for the project.

We are filming an ambitious new project called, ‘A Day in the Life of America,’ a portrait of the United States of America that will capture 24 hours in the life of our country on Independence Day. We want to see your America, the real America.

A baby being born, the complete circle of life, a billionaire, a family living in a shelter, police patrolling the streets, protesters, refugees, heroes and villains, a truck driver, a skydiver, a sex worker, a base jumper, a firefighter, and every great race, color and creed that make up the fabric of our nation. Trailer parks and Trump hotels, big cities and small towns, farmers and football players. A doctor, a preacher, a baptism, a funeral. Sunrise and Sunset. Let’s show it in all its beauty – warts and all.

Speaking with People, Leto said his inspiration for the project came from a book from National Geographic that he read in his childhood.

When I was a kid my mother subscribed to National Geographic, an incredible magazine that taught me a lot and showed me the world, as it has done for so many people. But at some point, in 1986 I believe, they made a book about a day in the life of America, and they got photographers from all over the world to come here and shoot photographs for a day.

Leto went on to say that the project and its ideas coincide with the band’s upcoming album and work.

I always remembered that book, and when I was working on my new album, certain themes started to arise and I realized that it was an incredible opportunity to make a portrait of America and make a film about who and what were are. It ties into what I’ve been writing about, and the songs myself and Thirty Seconds to Mars have been creating for our new album.

GREETINGS FROM KAZAKHSTAN! You guys getting ready to send your videos in on the 4th?! 🇺🇸💪🏻 #ADayInTheLifeOfAmerica

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