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We Got Issues: Dating My Doctor, Third Date Deuce Drop, Sex with Pets in the Room, and the Dreaded Selfie Man

No issue too big, no issue too small. Afternoon drive host Mike “No Name” Nelson, Dwarves frontman Blag Dahlia, and actress/radio personality Dayna Keyes are the sounding board you need when you have a problem you just don’t know how to tackle.

No Name has a B.S in Sociology from Santa Clara University. He has devoted his life to exploring and understanding the underpinnings of human behavior and how it impacts the development, structure, and function of human society. He currently resides in the SF Bay Area where he has been a professional broadcaster for over two decades.

Blag Dahlia is the singer for seminal punk band the Dwarves. He has written, performed and produced music in multiple genres for over three decades. The author of two novels and dozens of essays, Blag enjoys cats and sharp objects.

Dayna Keyes has been a professional voiceover actress since she was 8. She went on to act in indie films, music videos, and national television commercials. Dayna moved to the San Francisco Bay Area in 2000, continuing her acting and broadcast career and has found her true home in radio, producing and hosting.

On Episode 6, No Name, Blag, and Dayna answer the questions:

1. Is it weird to date my gynecologist?

2. I cooked for a guy at my apartment on a third date, and at one point he clearly went #2 in my bathroom. I was so grossed out I said I was tired and asked him to leave. Isn’t 3 dates too soon for someone to be that comfortable?

3. Is it weird that my boyfriend doesn’t think it’s weird that his Great Dane stays in the room when we’re having sex?

4. The guy I’m dating takes lots of selfies. Is that weird?

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