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A Look Inside ‘New Music @ 9’

New Music @ 9 is now on weeknights from 9-10! Get to know the latest and greatest fresh off the playlist.

Fenech-Soler – “Kaleidoscope”

Brother duo Ross and Ben Duffy are the British-electropop musicians behind Fenech-Soler. The band began originally as a four-piece named after founding member Daniel Soler, who then left in 2016.”Kaleidoscope” is fresh off their third album, ZILLA, and the single takes beautiful form with a chorus of synthpop falsetto patterns and euphoric riffs.

Grouplove – “Good Morning”

Grouplove definitely knows how to get fans pumped: “Tongue Tied,” “Colours,” “I’m with You,” “Ways to Go,” and now their newest track “Good Morning” from their third album Big Mess are a few we can’t get enough of. Like most of their pop anthems that sound lighthearted, “Good Morning” centers around a bigger theme. Singer Hannah Hooper explains “the whole video is based around a quest for a magical, eternal light. Christian Zucconi (bandmate/husband) is super sick in bed, and I’m his badass all knowing chick who goes on an epic quest to bring him the light, which will save him.” Actress Elle Fanning also stars.

Real Estate – “Darling”

New Jersey band Real Estate recently debuted their jangle-pop single “Darling” off their fourth album In Mind. Bassist Alex Bleeker tells Relix “‘Darling’ always felt to me like it would be the lead track from the moment that it came together. It felt best suited to share first because, while the chord progression was Martin’s, the structure and the way the song was put together felt like a group, collaborative effort almost like the feel of the song was something we discovered together.”

Warpaint – “New Song”

War Paint, an all-female band from LA that formed on Valentine’s Day in 2004, just released their third studio album, Heads Up, featuring “New Song.” Their 2008 debut EP Exquisite Corpse was produced by former RHCP guitarist John Frusciante.

Milky Chance – “Cocoon”

The German duo Milky Chance is back with a single “Cocoon” from their sophomore album Blossom. Clemens Rehbein describes the song as “trying to find a place where you can be yourself and not be distracted; to slow down and reflect on yourself.” You may have seen them most recently at The Independent earlier this month.

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