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lovelytheband talks life on the road, headlining their first Bay Area show, and songwriting

lovelytheband talks life on the road, headlining their first Bay Area show, and songwriting

Photos by Grace Sager

When Mitchy, Sam, and Jordan of lovelytheband played our KFOG Studio Studio session, ahead of their first headline show in The Bay Area at The Rickshaw Stop, I had never seen a new band quite so relaxed. For a group at the beginning of a quick rise within the industry, they seemed to be taking it all in stride. When we spoke we discussed their New Jersey roots, how they got connected, and how they’re doing with life on the road.

No Name: What I love about your band is that you’re basically three different people who have always had the same dream, and you guys are getting to live it out together.

lovelytheband: That’s exactly it. You nailed it.

NN: You guys do something I love. You’ll write a really pop-y song with some pretty heavy lyrics. Mitchy, that has to come from somewhere in your background.

Mitchy: I think the juxtaposition of it makes it easier for people to digest the lyrical content. Otherwise, it’s, like, here’s a sad bit of music, hitting you in the face with some sad lyrics. Please be depressed, more.

NN: Mitchy, you were saying your family is from the Bay Area?

Mitchy: I used to spend my summers in Foster City at the tennis courts and in Tahoe. I love the Bay.

NN: How do you normalize this new reality (while you’re touring)?

LTB: That’s the thing we’re learning. We’re in the excitement stage. When we support bands…for instance, Vance Joy has been touring for the last six years. We went on tour with Awolnation. They’ve been touring for the last ten years. So we’ll be like “hey, do you guys want to hang out? We’re about to go hit the bar!” They’re like, “no.” We’re like, “let’s drink all the time!” while these guys are like, “I’m going to go drink my sleepy-time tea, and we’re going to sleep, and do yoga.” They’ve mastered that – the art of normalizing touring.

NN: What have you learned about being on the road?

LTB: “Is it really that dirty?” And, no matter how much you pack, you will wear the same outfit at least five times in a row.

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