First Look: Pop-Up Museum ‘The 90s Experience’ Sneak Peek Walkthrough

Hey there! Danica here.

Back from my time-machine travels to the nineties. Feeling fresh.

Last night, I attended the soft opening of the new pop-up museum “The 90s Experience” in Oakland’s Jack London Square, complete with 12 unique exhibits with things you can touch, smell, see, taste and hear. Five senses activate!

Here’s a sneak peek of what you can expect when you visit!

The location is perfect. It’s right across Ben and Jerry’s and super close to a convenient parking garage.

Inside, there’s a rad waiting area while your group gets situated.

Once inside, your life gets flipped turned upside-down. The first thing you should do is snap a *fresh* pic of yourself on the throne.

There’s so much to explore! I headed to the “Saturday Morning” section next.

Silly rabbit.

After, I immediately ran to the GIANT scented markers area and was hit with deja vu of my previous school notebooks.

They smell like CHILDHOOD. Ugh. Amazing.

Tired from doodling, we had to take a moment to relax and chat about boys, NSYNC, and whether there was enough room for Jack to fit on the door with Rose.

“The One Where We Re-Enact the Opening Credits From Friends”

Make sure you get a customized boomerang of yourselves hanging out on the famous couch.

And how can you not jump at the opportunity to re-create Nirvana’s most iconic album cover?


The Lisa Frank exhibit opens this weekend and I’m definitely going back to check it out!

BRB calling all my friends about the rad time I had.

The 90s Experience opens this weekend. Check out more and grab your tickets here.



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