You Can Spend a Night in the Glass House From ‘Black Mirror’

Credit: Netflix

“I need to speak to Billy Bauer!”

If you haven’t seen the second episode of Black Mirror season 5, “Smithereens”, then stop reading right now. Spoilers ahead.

The episode follows rideshare driver Chris as he looks for Smithereens employees to hold hostage in order to get in contact with CEO Billy Bauer. After many obstacles and police involvement, Chris finally manages to speak to Bauer, played by Topher Grace.

Bauer is holed up in a weird, tranquil glass house in the middle of the desert on a technology-free retreat.

The house had many fans talking, and now, you can book a stay at La Casa Del Desierto. It’s located int he Gorafe Desert in Granada. You can check out the houses’s site here.

Watch the promo video for it below.


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