LISTEN: Comedian Erik Griffin lets us in on the secret world of what happens on celebrity dates apps

If you’ve turned on your TV at any point during the past 10 years chances are Erik Griffin has made you laugh.

The veteran stand-up and TV star spent 6 years playing the iconic character Montez on the Comedy Central show Workaholics and recently starred in the Showtime series I’m Dying Up Here.

Erik stopped by the KFOG studios before his shows at Cobb’s Comedy Club this weekend for a hilarious chat about the time he got bamboozled out of thousands at a strip club, what fellow celebs he’s encountered on Raya AKA Tinder for celebrities, and I stage an intervention to get Erik some help with his website.

Check out his new Podcast Riffin’ with Griffin and make sure you catch him while he is in town at Cobb’s Comedy Club this weekend!

Listen to the full interview below.

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