LISTEN: Comedian Chris Garcia shares his favorite stories about performing at the Punch Line Comedy Club

It’s never easy coming home, but comedian Chris Garcia is back in the city where his comedy career started, for what may be the last time. Last time at the Punch Line that is. The legendary comedy club is closing in August.

Chris stopped by the KFOG studios to reminisce about his time performing at the club over the years, including an incredible story about the time Robin Williams opened for him at the spur of the moment.

Chris has gone on to big things since leaving the city in 2012. He’s appeared on Comedy Central’s This is Not Happening, Adam Devine’s House Party, @Midnight, and even got his own half hour special on the network; a crowning achievement that almost every comedian aspires to accomplish.

Chris is currently in production on a podcast for WNYC called Dead Parents Social Club, where he makes death funny. His is also writing and appearing in the new Netflix sitcom Mr. Iglesias, scheduled to be released next month.

Listen to the full interview below, and not to be biased, but Chris is a true comedic talent and a comic I have really enjoyed watching live throughout the area for the past decade. Catch him this weekend at Punch Line and make sure you follow him on Twitter @_ChrisGarcia

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