This Re-Cast ’90s Avengers Trailer Will Give You Serious Nostalgia


Don’t get us wrong, Chris Hemsworth plays a great Thor, but ’90s Brad Pitt wielding the mighty Mjolinr with luscious blonde locks? SIGN US UP.

Recently the internet was gifted with a nostalgic ‘what-if’ Avengers trailer, re-casting the beloved Marvel movie icons with your favorite ’90s stars. With Sarah Michelle Gellar as Captain Marvel, Jeff Goldblum as The Hulk, Tom Cruise as Iron Man, Denzel Washington as Black Panther, and more, we agree that the MCU would’ve looked pretty darn good on VHS. Trip to Blockbuster, anyone?

While this would’ve been cool to see in theaters a couple decades ago, we’re so stoked for the awesome 2019 cast of heroes protecting our world from Thanos. Enjoy this throwback and catch Endgame on the big screen April 26!


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