Watch This Amazing Mashup of Green Day and The Simpsons

The Simpsons Movie (2007)

In preparation for Smells Like the ’90s Weekend, take a break from work and enjoy this gem of a mashup between Green Day’s ‘Basketcase’ and The Simpsons’ classic ‘Steamed Hams’.

‘Steamed Hams’ is from a 1996 episode called ’22 Short Films About Springfield’, where Superintendent Chalmers visits Principal Skinner for an ‘unforgettable luncheon’. Check out the original clip from the episode below:

What would make this scene even better, you ask? Green Day, of course! Recently, someone took Green Day’s ‘Basketcase’ and blended it together with The Simpsons and made a delicious smoothie of a clip. The editing is fascinating and the auto-tune is on point. We can’t stop watching!

Watch the mashup below and listen to Smells Like the ’90s Weekend which kicks off Friday at noon!

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