Best Noise Pop shows to check out this week

Noise Pop Fest 2019 is officially underway!

The much-loved music and arts festival returns to the Bay thru March 3rd bringing dozens of upcoming, indie, and legendary bands to the area for a wild week and a half of some of the best music the Bay will see all year.

Below are a few hand picked shows that you should totally check out this week in order to get in on the action. Click here for the full schedule.

Happy Noise Pop Festing!


Men I Trust

This Canadian trio has made some serious strides within the indie scene over the past couple of years, and their star is still on the rise. The indie/electro-pop band originally consisted of high school friends Jessy Caron and Dragos Chiriac, but with the addition of singer/guitarist Emma Proulx in 2016 the band’s sound took on a totally different vibe that has rightfully garnered them some serious buzz. Two parts chilled out, one part funky, nine parts dreamy – Men I Trust are poised for a big year in 2019 with their debut album Oncle Jazz due out in the coming months and a prime spot on stage at Coachella April 14th and 21st. They’ll play for only their second time in San Francisco on Tuesday night of Noise Pop Fest at The Great American Music Hall.

Great American Music Hall, San Francisco

Tickets – $20


Albert Hammond Jr.

The Stokes lead guitarist, Albert Hammond Jr. has carved out an impressive solo career for himself with four albums and an EP under his belt over the past decade plus. His latest album, Francis Trouble, brought with it the hit single “Far Away Truths” proving that the guitar maestro was back in the saddle after admittedly falling out of love with music after struggling with addiction during The Strokes peak. Catch Albert’s raucous live show this Wednesday at The Independent in San Francisco.

The Independent, San Francisco

Tickets – $29


Caroline Rose

Caroline Rose is a bit of a goofball, but an extremely talented and versatile goofball at that. Her first couple of albums found the singer-songwriter firmly planted in the musical realm of what could only be called Alternative Country. But on her latest release Loner she switches gears and dives headfirst into the Pop-Rock world, garnering critical acclaim for her satirical lyrics and energetic production. Catch her quirky live show this Thursday at The Independent in San Francisco.

The Independent, San Francisco

Tickets – $19


Jerry Paper

If you’ve ever taken a few hits of acid while watching a 70’s lounge singer serenade of room full of kitty cats, you’ll probably dig Jerry Paper. If you haven’t you’ll probably dig him anyway, you just might not fully get it. The singer-songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist has been throwing curveballs at listeners ears for the better part of the last decade with an interesting blend of pop-rock, blue-eyed soul, synth-pop, and futuristic yaht-rock. Catch his spaced-out live show this Friday at the Bottom of the Hill in San Francisco.

Bottom of the Hill, San Francisco

Tickets- $15


A bit whimsical, a tad trippy, and kind of intoxicating – Brooklyn psych-rock four-piece Crumb makes music that will transport you to a warm, jazzy space that one can easily be lost in. Lead singer Lila Ramani lulls listeners into a hypnotic trance, while the other-wordly synths and drums leave you calmly dancing alone somewhere along the astral plane. Catch Crumb at the Starline Social Club in Oakland on Saturday.

Starline Social Club, Oakland

Tickets- $ 20

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