Brendon Urie Pleads with Fans: “Please Stop Kissing Me at Shows”

“I chime in with a ‘haven’t you people ever heard of'”…not kissing Brendon Urie at shows?

Panic! At The Disco will be at the Oracle Arena on February 19th. If you’re planning on being there, please refrain from planting a smooch on frontman Brendon Urie when he makes his way into the crowd for the song ‘Death of a Bachelor’. Urie’s road manager, Zack Hall, recently tweeted out:

The “death walk” is referring to when Urie leaves the stage and wanders into the crowd to get up close and personal with fans. Unfortunately, some fans are making it too personal. Urie elaborated on a Twitch Livestream that he went in “for a hug and a girl like, kissed my neck”. He goes on to explain it made him uncomfortable because it felt “so intimate” and he hopes it stops.

Of course, any unwanted physical advances toward anybody is not okay. Remember to respect personal space and make every environment a welcoming and safe one for others.

We’re excited to have Panic! in the Bay Area again and hope to see you there!


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