The National release ‘Bob’s Burgers’ Thanksgiving song: ‘Save the Bird’

Marcelo Hernandez / Stringer / Getty

The National offered up a brand new ballad “Save the Bird” complete with animated video on Fox’s Bob’s Burgers.

The National has also done “Gravy Boat,” “Kill the Turkey,” and “Give it to Teddy.” This year’s song was inspired by the Thanksgiving episode “Cranberry Sauce” in which Bob won’t settle for canned cranberry sauce.

“We’re honored to continue our Thanksgiving tradition with Bob’s Burgers with ‘Save the Bird,’ which was recorded at Public Hi-Fi in Austin and in my secluded dojo in Los Angeles,” says singer Matt Berninger. “It’s especially thrilling to have our brass section finally get credit for something.

Also, I’d like to thank Tom for doing the dishes.”

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