Watch: Arctic Monkeys release mini-documentary ‘Warp Speed Chic’

arctic monkeys

The Arctic Monkeys are giving fans a rare behind-the-scenes look into the creative, and recording process of their latest album Tranquility Based Hotel and Casino with the release of the documentary Warp Speed Chic. The 12-minute short film was directed by Ben Chappell, a longtime collaborator of the Arctic Monkey’s, directing several of their music videos over the years including their most recent “Four Out of Five”.

Mostly shot on location at a secluded French mansion where the band holed up to record the latest album, Warp Speed Chic is by no means your traditional music documentary. With little to no dialogue, Chappell relies on a series of vignettes to show the writing, recording, mixing, and performance of several songs off of the new album.

The release of Warp Speed Chic was accompanied by the news that the Arctic Monkeys will be releasing a 7” of the title track “Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino” on November 30th which will contain the unreleased b-side “Anyways”.

Check out the video for Warp Speed Chic below and don’t forget, the Arctic Monkeys will be playing two shows at the Bill Graham Civic this Saturday and Sunday, and while the shows are sold out, there are tickets available at resale sites.

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