Barns Courtney on why his next album will be so different

barns courtney plays a kfog studio session

Barns Courtney’s newest single “99” is a departure from the musician we used to know, but it’s also the mark of a necessary evolution as an artist.

The 27-year-old is entering into a stage of his life light-years from the days in which his debut album was born. His upcoming record will not be what we’ve come to expect from the Londoner’s 2017’s The Attractions of Youth. “(For) the first record, I had been struggling for three years to try to get back into the music industry,” explains Barns. “(I was) slinging laptops, selling cigarettes in night clubs. It was not my favorite job. So the bluesy nature of the record was reflective of that. It wasn’t intentional; it was just how I felt at the time.”

“So the new record, now that I get to do this ridiculous job and make music for a living, I’m much happier now. I think the new album reflects that.”

And he’s not looking back. “If you’re not making music that you feel compelled to make, and it’s not music that comes from a place that’s genuine, then you’re not a genuine artist.”

Barns Courtney played a KFOG Studio Session, an acoustic set featuring his newest single “99”. He is currently on tour, returning to California in December.

Check out the full KFOG Studio Session below.

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