Blink-182’s Travis Barker sues over bus accident and procedures that led to medical issues and the cancellation of his tour

travis barkerAlberto E. Rodriguez / Staff / Getty

Blink-182 recently canceled their tour after drummer Travis Barker was unable to heal from blood clots in his arms. Barker has decided to take legal actions in regards to the injuries he sustained from a bus crash and the staph infection that caused the ultimate cancellation.

Back in July, a school bus collided with Barker’s Mercedes after the bus driver took an illegal left turn. Thankfully there were no children in the bus at the time but Barker’s car had passengers, including his 14-year-old son Landon. According to the lawsuit obtained by TMZ, the drummer has decided to sue both the bus driver and the bus company over the accident.

In addition, Barker is suing the Medical Imaging Center in Santa Monica over a routine MRI checkup he had in June to prepare for his band’s tour. He claims he was stuck with a dirty needle at least 40 separate times while technicians attempted to locate a vein. The incident allegedly then led to a staph infection and vein damage.

Barker has not specified the amount he’s demanding in damages, though you can bet it’ll be a lot considering he’s been unable to play gigs for a couple months now. The band is scheduled to return to their dormant Las Vegas residency late October, though that will ultimately depend on how Barker’s healing goes.

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