Comedian reveals the famous rapper who bullied him and Lin-Manuel Miranda in high school

Steve Hofstetter.

Comedian Steve Hofstetter is ready for any fight.


The former host of Fox’s Laughs and columnist for Sports Illustrated has built a reputation for being the best in the business when it comes to handling hecklers onstage. His YouTube channel has garnered tens of millions of views for his brutal verbal takedowns of hecklers, commonly known to be the scourge of the comedy world.

Steve stopped by the KFOG studio to chat with me about comedy, how he honed his skill for handling hecklers, his past roles as a sports pundit and columnist, and how his experiences being bullied in school lead him to write his new book, Ginger Kid: Mostly True Stories From a Former Nerd.

Steve shares that he and Lin-Manuel Miranda, who he attended high school with, were both bullied by the same person, who went on to become a famous rapper (I am very disappointed in the man who at one time was one of my favorite rappers).

Steve and I also reminisce about our favorite websites that have long been forgotten about, and how we both used to use pictures of famous athletes to trick people online.

Make sure to catch Steve this weekend at the Punchline in San Francisco, and check out his YouTube channel for more hilarious videos and expert heckler takedowns.

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