Buzzed Bites: Arthur and Danica do Drunken Mussels, Party Wings, and more at Funky Elephant


Funky Elephant is a new Thai restaurant in Berkeley that does things it’s own way. Everything is made from scratch and locally sourced, so the menu is tailored to what is available in Northern California versus what is traditional. That’s why you’ll find Fried Brussel Sprouts and Party Wings (with housemade chili jam) next to am kao todd — a salad of crispy jasmine rice with fermented pork and pig skin, which comes highly recommended by the husband and wife owners. 

In this episode of Buzzed Bites, Arthur and Danica visit the Hawker Fare alumni’s restaurant in Berkeley to taste Drunken Mussels, Pad Thai Old Skool, Green Curry Beef, and more. Plus, they sip on drinks that look good enough to eat – the Thai Iced Tea and Butterfly Pea Juice. There’s also the Thai-by-way-of-Singapore poached chicken dish known as kao mun gai. And the insanely good and comically messy Party wings – they’re not sauced, they’re tossed in a chili jam that operates at maximum thickness. The other can’t-miss dish was isaan sausage, a regional Thai street food made from pork with jasmine rice, garlic, and peppercorns over cabbage. The green curry comes with thick slices of hanger steak grilled rare and rice tinted blue from butterfly pea flowers. They also have rotating soft-serve.

KFOG Radio’s Buzzed Bites video series explores the new, noteworthy, and must-know underground food scene in the San Francisco Bay Area. Hosts Danica and Arthur visit a local bar or restaurant, with a little extra fun – one of them has to review the new spot sober, while the other has to review it…not sober. Our drunk thoughts are your entertainment.

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