The 1975 talk cheating in newest single “TOOTIME”

After heavy hype on Twitter, The 1975 finally delivered their newest single “TOOTIMETOOTIMETOOTIME” off A Brief Look into Online Relationships.

“TOOTIME” touches on the precarious nature of internet crushes and comes with some unexpected twists, which seems to be the underlying theme of the band’s newest album. The drums have been traded for a tropical synth, and heavy layers of auto-tune build on frontman Matt Healy’s voice.

The direction taken with this single completely contradicts the sound The 1975 have built their fame on, including other recently released singles like “Love It If We’ve Made It.” Rather than grunge-pop, the British anti-boy band takes on an electro-pop identity in this song, which holds a promise of success in the charts.

Listen to it below:

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