Arctic Monkeys release visually stunning video for “Tranquility Base Hotel and Casino”

arctic monkeys release new album Tranquility Base Hotel and CasinoVia Press Here

Arctic Monkeys have released the music video for their title track song of their newest album, Tranquility Base Hotel and Casino. The video comes as the album’s second music video after “Four Out of Five.”

The video’s British production team, made up of past collaborators Aaron Brown and Ben Chappell, utilize Reno as the landscape, with the Peppermill Resort as the infamous Tranquility Base Hotel and Casino.

Frontman and guitarist Alex Turner takes on a Jekyll-and-Hyde role, appearing momentarily as himself in a beard. Majority of the video is features a solo Turner as Mark, the slicked-back and suit-wearing hotel manager seemingly lost within his own empire. As an homage to 1970’s independent films, the video bears a similarity to a new-age documentary film following the descent of Mark.

Check it out below.

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