Muse ‘Drones World Tour’ to play in theaters for one night only

Photo by Jeff Forney

Muse will be releasing Drones World Tour in theaters worldwide for one night only this Thursday.

The globally renowned, multi-platinum-selling band used drones to film and record various shows during their 2016 tour. Drones World Tour will showcase hits including “Psycho,” “Madness,” “Uprising,” and “Knights of Cydonia,” among others. The extravagant audio-visual experience is set to reflect the band’s typical eccentric stage production the fans have now come to expect. The film contains brand new special effects, LED laser works, and background exclusives on the band’s discussion of creative content.

The event will be topped off with the release of their new single “Something Human” soon after. Bellamy hints that the new “intimate” track will part with the “dark, moody drones”.

Make sure to get your tickets to the show and keep an eye out for their new single July 12.

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