Arj Barker wants to make you laugh…and teach you how to build dog stairs

Robert Prezioso / Stringer / Getty Images

Today I had the pleasure of sitting down for a chat with comedian Arj Barker before his shows this weekend at Cobb’s Comedy Club in San Francisco. You probably remember Arj from his iconic role as Dave on Flight of the Conchords, The Marijuana-Louges, or one of his several Comedy Central specials, but these days he has found unexpected stardom overseas in Australia and online with his DIY series Do It Myself TV, all while continuing to pump out new material through his satirical lens.

Arj and I get into what it was like for him growing up in the Bay Area, his secret second life as a rapper, and the effects of cannabis legalization in California.

Listen in to the link below for the full interview, and make sure to catch Arj this weekend at Cobb’s!

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