San Francisco’s Cathedrals share the inspiration behind new single ‘Behave’

Electropop duo Cathedrals tweeted Monday “Probably more than most other Cathedrals songs, “Behave” is the tune that ties together Brodie’s and my love of rock, R&B, electronica, and trip-hop.” Producer Johnny Hwin tells Cosequence of Sound that the new single refers to a time in 90s rock that he says “people often forget,” when synthesizers and drum machines made their way into the music even though it was not an exactly popular shift.

When Brodie Jenkins (vocals) sat down to write “Behave,” it was originally a reaction to #MeToo and the stories that sparked the movement. The result ended up flipping the anger she felt on its head, and she turned the message instead to “something that would soothe my feelings of exhaustion and rage and give me some semblance of hope.”

Out of the synthesis of these origins comes a track that departs from their last efforts centered on endings and breakups (“Autumn Split,” “Hits Me Like A Landslide”).

Watch the music video for “Behave,” shot by friend of the band Hana Haley entirely on iPhone, above. Catch Cathedrals’ exclusive acoustic set inside No Name’s Record Room here:

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