Did Donald Glover plagiarize “This is America”?

Photo by: Kevin Winter / Staff / Getty Images

Is Donald Glover guilty of plagiarism?

The song and music video that took America by storm last month, “This is America” from Donald Glover’s alter-ego Childish Gambino, is now coming under scrutiny for its uncanny similarity to a song from independent rapper Jase Harley, 2016’s “American Pharoah”. While the two songs in question clearly have different lyrics, the actual structure of the two songs are shockingly alike.

Being that “This is America” was widely praised for its unique audio signature, and structure that strayed far from the typical hip-hop composition, it’s a bit suspicious that the two would sound so similar. Glover’s camp is alleging that they have time stamps on the production files proving that the song was made over three years ago, but could those be faked?

Listen in to the podcast below for a side-by-side comparison of the two songs and all the details we have so far on the shocking allegations in this week’s Off Air with Arthur.

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