Young the Giant releases bright new track and announces tour

Young the Giant’s newest single “Simplify” arrived Thursday, almost two years after their junior album Home of the Strange. The band also announced their North American tour with LIGHTS, slated to begin October 25 of this year.

“Simplify” provides commentary on the difficulty of life. However, the chorus delivers the simple solution: love. Where complexities confuse and chaos ensues, the simplicity of love resolves the modern day’s disorientation. Lead singer and “Simplify” songwriter Sameer Gadhia intones “all we need is nothing more.”

“We construct images of how life should be lived: how to act, dress, tweet, and vote, and often times it is easy to lose your true self to the images we create for all to see,” Gadhia said in a statement. “But love is simple, and to love someone is to love all of humanity. It is the closest thing to truth, and even though love can be compromising, painful, and exhausting, we can only see our truest selves in the eyes of another. This is the essence of ‘Simplify.’”

The single opens with a heavy guitar solo, followed by drums and synths introducing an ebullient melody. The song’s structure mimics it’s message; simplicity is key. With the music market already filled with enough material about our harrowing times, Young the Giant opted for a feel-good response.

In addition to their North American tour dates, Young the Giant will perform October 5 in Napa at the Safeway Open Concert Series.

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