Gorillaz debut new song “Fire Flies” off of their upcoming album The Now Now

Feature photo by: Getty Images / Staff

Gorillaz dropped “Fire Flies” off of their upcoming album The Now Now Thursday morning. This marks the third new track in as many weeks after announcing their new album is slated for June 29.

“Fire Flies” is a track in stark contrast to “Humanity,” which has a more carefree, summery vibe, and the ultra-danceable “Lake Zurich.” More akin to the sounds of last weeks release, “Sorcererz,” “Fire Flies” is melancholy and introspective in feel.

At this rate, Gorillaz seem hellbent on dropping every song on the new album before it’s actually released. But Damon Albarn, the mastermind behind Gorillaz, has always done things his own way.

Judging by the four songs released so far, the album definitely has more promise than last year’s Humanz. But so far, it’s still a far cry from the early works, like “Clint Eastwood” and “Feel Good Inc.,” that made the band a household name.

With seven songs yet to be released off The Now Now, I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the band has some musical genius left up their sleeves. Check out “Humlity,” “Lake Zurich,” as well as some live footage of a couple of songs that are rumored to be on the upcoming release, below.

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