Watch Dave Grohl prank fans during a live show

Feature photo by:By Ryanw2313 [CC BY-SA 3.0], from Wikimedia Commons

Dave Grohl has truly earned the reputation as a total badass. Take the concert in June 2015 where he fell off the stage and broke his leg in Gothenburg, Sweden. At the return of the Foo Fighters in Gothenberg Tuesday, a fake Dave Grohl runs on stage and “trips” off the catwalk. He’s quickly followed up by the real Dave Grohl; catch the video above.

I’m a little surprised that the crowd doesn’t seem to react to the fall, but they probably know better than anyone that Dave probably would have just continued the concert from his back.

He told James Corden in an episode of Carpool Karaoke on The Late Late Show about the original fall:

It kinda sucked. Although, it didn’t hurt at the time…I tripped and saw the edge of the stage and thought I’ll just jump. And I landed and I immediately got up and it was nothing there. But it was only the second song of the set and I felt so bad that all those people had come. So I said to the audience ‘I’m gonna go fix this and I’ll be back!’

I (asked) ‘can I finish the show?’ And this guy holding my ankle was like ‘I have to hold your ankle in place.’ And so then I was like, ‘well, then you gotta come up on stage.’

That was the best show we ever had.

Not only did he play out the end of the concert from a stretcher, he completed the tour in a cast from…befittingly…throne he designed while high on oxycontin.

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