San Francisco neo-soul band Con Brio releases funky cover of Nirvana’s “Heart Shaped Box”

Con Brio covers a lot of ground in one set; because they can. Crossing genres from pop to funk rock to neo-soul is nothing for the San Francisco septet, especially with the vocal range of lead singer Ziek McCarter at the helm. So maybe it’s no surprise that covering Nirvana’s “Heart Shaped Box” would be next on today’s best live funk band’s tracklist.

The Con Brio rendition of the 1993 classic uses the lyrical emotional pull and parts of the general structure of the original, but the way Prince might do it. The song then meanders through the mellowed out, moody verses to an all-out funk crescendo. You can perfectly picture it live.

The new release comes ahead of the band’s upcoming album Explorer, out this summer. It was their self-produced freshman EP Kiss the Sun that led to an exceptional sophomore album Paradise in 2016. Two years later, fans can expect a new record that pushes the band farther into the rousing realm of music you can lose yourself to.

And, true to form, the thread that holds it all together is that it’s music that undoubtedly is meant to be seen live. And you can. Con Brio will be playing The Fillmore with Royal Jelly Jive and Dirty Revival Saturday. Explorer drops July 6.

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