Discover Yuno, the solo artist who became his own band

Credit: Yuno via Subpop

Yo howdy! It’s little old Arthur here with another episode of Off Air with Arthur where I break down my favorite songs of the week that are not played on KFOG but that you should totally know about anyway.


This 27-year old phenom was making music in his bedroom for the past couple of years until he was discovered recently via his SoundCloud page by an A&R at Sub Pop records. Ready to take the indie world by storm, Yuno is teasing his first proper release with several delightful singles including “No Going Back,” featured in this week’s episode.

Cherry Glazerr

I was way late to the party on this band. I just discovered them a few months back when they opened for Slowdive at The Fox in Oakland. Their aggressive, melt your face sound blew me away and I have been hooked ever since. The L.A. band dropped critically acclaimed album Apocalipstick last year. The recently released single “Juicy Socks” came out with the music video a couple of weeks ago. The song featured on this week’s podcast is an oldie but a goodie, 2014’s “Had Ten Dollaz.” Check it out below.

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