Drew Harmon’s ‘I Think I’d Be Good at That’ sets the stage for a new comic at The Punchline

Have you ever gone to a comedy show and thought to yourself, “I think I’d be good at that”? Chances are you’d be horrible. No, really, most comics say you aren’t any good until you’ve been at it for at least 10 years.

But every now and then a newbie catches lightning in a bottle and has a great set their first time out. That’s what San Francisco comic Drew Harmon hopes will happen during his show, appropriately titled I Think I’d Be Good at That, where he takes a person off the street who has never done comedy before and has five of the top comics in the area mentor them to prepare them for a headlining set at the world famous Punchline Comedy Club.

It might be the best night of their life, it might be the worst night; either way, it’ll be hilarious. Drew stopped by to talk to me about the latest victim participant and the crazy chain of events that compelled him to give stand-up a shot.

Check out the podcast below for the full story. If you are thinking of going on May 1st, don’t worry – aside from the newbie, five of the top comics in SF will be there to entertain you.

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