P!nk’s VMA speech about androgyny to her daughter is the most inspiring thing we’ve heard all week

At the MTV Video Music Awards this weekend, P!nk received the Video Vanguard Award in recognition of her captivating music videos throughout her career— but it was her acceptance speech that ended up being one of the most talked about moments of the night.

P!nk gave an inspiring speech with a strong message about individuality, all directed towards her daughter, Willow Sage. She told a story to the audience in which her six-year-old daughter abruptly told her that she was “the ugliest girl” she knew, and claimed that she “looks like a boy.” Understandably, the mother of two was shocked but decided to teach her daughter an important lesson about personal identity and empowerment.

In an awesome-mom moment, she actually made a PowerPoint presentation for her little girl, filled with some of the most famous artists in music history, all of whom have been considered androgynous and suffered harsh criticism under that label. She names people like Michael Jackson, David Bowie, Freddie Mercury, and Annie Lennox, among several others, to the cheers of the crowd.

She gives her own experience with similar criticism as well and simply says that she would never change who she is just because some people don’t like it. Her personal success and happiness is all that matters!

Overall, it’s an incredibly moving speech that hits home for so many people, especially children and adolescents, so kudos to P!nk!

To top it all off, P!nk and her family wore matching three-piece suits to the awards show. Is there a Mom of the Year award at the VMAs, too?

Watch the full video above!

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