John Mayer hosts online therapy session and defends Justin Bieber

John Mayer took to Twitter Sunday night with the premise of answering anything and everything his followers threw at him. Not only did he pull through with serious life advice for everybody, he showed sympathy for a no-longer touring Justin Bieber and other artists alike.

He then began his online therapy session by retweeting and responding to some of his fans most compelling questions like, “how do you deal with parents who don’t support you?” Mayer promptly responded, “Don’t be angry. Build a support system of friends and other family. Become your own keeper. Train that inner voice that believes in you.” Others inquired about the creative process and asked about Mayer’s own method of getting past blocks in his mind when he’s creating.

“How do you defeat the creative block in your mind when you know you have something you wanna create or in my case write?” one fan asked, to which Mayer replied, “Songs don’t come when you visualize yourself having another song. They come when you can’t go another day without expressing how you feel.”

Mayer also tweeted the following day about his feelings towards Justin Bieber, who had just announced the cancellation of the remainder of his Purpose world tour. Here’s what he had to say:

Gone are the days of his obsession with poop twitters; Mayer seems fit to be a therapist with his soft, heartfelt words, but I guess John Mayer will always be John Mayer:

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