Dhani Harrison releases single from his first solo album

Dhani Harrison’s solo debut LP IN//PARALLEL is set to release on October 6th, but his first single off the album, “All About Waiting,” has already sparked intrigue from the music world.

Rolling Stone calls the single “a psychedelic electro-rock odyssey filled with throbbing synthesizers and psychological pondering.” Harrison’s voice and musical style is easily compared to his father’s, Beatles guitarist George Harrison, but he’s certainly an established artist in his own right.

Harrison’s new album has been described as “echoing his influences over the past few years as a composer,” in reference to his scoring work on an array of television shows and films. His scoring credits include 2013’s Beautiful Creatures and Amazon’s 2016 television show Good Girls Revolt, among others.

Before starting his solo career, Dhani Harrison formed thenewno2 with Paul Hicks, son of The Hollies’ Tony Hicks, in 2006. The alternative rock band has recorded three full-length albums, including the Beautiful Creatures soundtrack. Thenewno2 has often recorded at the famous Abbey Road Studios, where Harrison spent much of his childhood watching his father record.

“All About Waiting” gives us an exciting window into the upcoming album; Harrison has created an incredible blend of electronica and 60s psychedelic rock with seamless transitions between the unlikely pair of genres.

The London-based guitarist is set to perform at New York’s Panorama festival this upcoming Sunday, but he currently has no shows officially announced after that. Once the full album is released, maybe he’ll make a stop here in the Bay Area!

If you can’t wait to hear more of Dhani’s incredible talent, check out his performance of his father’s classic, “Let it Down,” at George Fest 2014.

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