Psychedelic bingo party takes over BART car

A group called the Growing Artists Guild have been hosting an event to support Psychedelic Friendship Bingo around the Bay Area since 2010. This year, the game was held on a transformed BART car, complete with bingo table, red and purple lights (created by covering the BART lights with red and purple gel), and a speaker for music and for the announcer, Herbie Hatman.

From MacArthur to 24th Street Mission, 45 people (plus other lucky passengers hopping on and off) partied on their way to Temescal Brewing for some more bingo before heading back and doing it all over again Friday night. Hatman tells SFGate:

It was so much fun….It was great. Felt like the Bay Area that I’ve been missing.

Each year, regional celebrities (artist Leighton Kelly, comedian Moshe Kasher) are in attendance. This year, the guests included SF-based blogger Broke-Ass Stuart and the Oakland-based YouTube celebrity Grumpy Princess. Organizers gave out tickets to Psychedelic Friendship Bingo (taking place July 22), and prizes included tickets to Outside Lands, Edorfin Chocolate, and dinner for two.

Hatman went on to say:

There was a time in the not too distant history of the Bay Area in which there was a lot more playfulness.

Bay Area Rapid Bingo and Psychedelic Friendship Bingo are both reminders that despite everything else happening, that fun is still valuable to the cultural landscape of our Bay Area.

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